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Johanne Kenny

Founder, Managing Director, Senior Leisure and Group Consultant

About Johanne Kenny

We bought into a Travel Agency in January 1978, When the boys returned to school in early February I started to come into the agency to learn about the Travel Industry so I could fill  in when staff when away outside holidays.  One of the staff went away in May I was not happy, in September the secretary parted company, I had to go in till a new secretary was found.  After 4 weeks I walked out vowing NEVER to return!!

In February 1979 I was begged to return till we could find a “new” secretary who would be trained to be a travel consultant.  Well its 2016 and I am still in the travel industry we never did get  the secretary who would be trained to be a travel consultant, instead I was sent off to do fares courses, sales seminars, and I am still in the travel industry.  In 1999 I was asked by Christ Church St. Laurence and St. James King Street to organise a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Turkey in 2000 and that was the beginning of Westminster Tours.  Since then I have continued to learn about the travel industry and have seen many changes, we now have Suites on aircraft instead of First Class and we now have Premium economy, everyone has their own T V screen to watch. 

Cruising is now the in thing and the variety is unbelievable, you have mega ships that carry 4,000 plus passengers - - suites that cover 2 stories and have grand panino, and some ships have 18 restaurants on the ship. Travel is an ever changing industry and you have to keep on your toes with the changes.  I was supposed to ‘help out” in our travel agency for a few weeks and then just  be available to help out when staff were away and here I am quite a few “days” later and still enjoying the industry.  Last years I experienced 3 cruises 2 cruises were on large ships (only 3 nights each cruise) and one cruise was on a smaller ship for 7 nights  I have also experienced river cruising on 3 different style of ships and size one thing in common was they all had fantastic food and great wines. 

The world is such a large places and I have  seen so little.  Over the years I have visited Thailand, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, England, Austria, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Greece, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Canada, the U.S.A., Hawaii, Fiji and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, to name a few.  I have been in the industry so long I know a number of heads of airlines who I knew when they were in reservations.  Travel is an interesting industry where you get to know all sorts of people we have some clients who have been travelling with us since 1979!!! I have watched both my sons join the family business.         

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Nils Kenny

General Manager and Senior Corporate Consultant

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John Kenny

Financial Controller

About John

John has been working at Everything Travel for over 20 years

He has 25 years experience working in accounts/finance and an associate diploma in accounting that provides Everything Travel with an extensive amount of experience when it comes to our accounts and procedures. 

John's first taste for working in the travel industry came from his mother and father, John and Johanne Kenny, who are the co founders of Everything Travel . John then started working in the travel industry through its leading Reservations booking system (CRS) company known then as Fantasia Information Network, better known these days as Sabre.

Having traveled extensively to many different destinations such as Scandinavia, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, USA (Including Hawaii), Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand & Samoa. John has experienced many different cultures, created heaps of life long memories and seen lots of different sights.

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Krystal Brazel

Marketing and Leisure Consultant

About Krystal

When I first joined Everything Travel back in 2009 learning all the tricks of the trade really set off my want to work in the travel industry. Helping Johanne and Nils with their bookings and contacting hotels, wholesalers and airlines I gradually worked my way up to doing bookings on my own.

I caught the travel bug for the domestic travel when I went on a Travel Agent’s Famil in 2011 to Hobart, Tasmania, by far one of the most amazing destinations I have visited, where I experienced the likes of Huon Valley, Port Arthur, Bruny Island Cruises and the Salamanca Markets. In 2016 I received accreditation as a “Tassie Specialist” after completing my online training course on Tasmania.

But in more recent times after travelling to Samoa in 2014 and cruising on Royal Caribbean to Melbourne and Hobart in 2015, I have really started to understand why people travel.

When travelling, whether by yourself or with that special someone or your whole family, it makes memories, having no regrets and creating your own adventures. Realising that I can help you create those memories for you to be able to tell your family, friends and colleagues; creating those experiences that are once in a life time and allowing you cross off those bucket list items.

Our aim of all at Everything Travel is to help you with creating those memories that will last a life time.

I am always learning new things through courses, information nights and personal travel experiences - things I am happy to share with you to make your travel experiences memorable.


Jeffrey Kessler

Senior Consultant

Zita Hidas

Travel Consultant

About Zita

I joined the travel industry 36 years ago when I went to work for a company called Globe International Travel.  Globe International Travel specialised in travel to Eastern European countries.

 Our clients loved to take a “wellness” Spa holiday.

 It was challenging and enjoyable to work out the best route with the best connections and best price without the help of computers. All tickets were hand written hard copy documents.

I enjoyed my job very much and succeeded in sales in our office.

In 1999 I received a recognition Award from LAUDA AIR for Outstanding Sales 1999.

I also loved to travel. 

My favorite destinations are Italy, Switzerland and Hungary, which is where I grew up.

Hungary is the country which has everything you need for a perfect holiday. Natural thermal waters. The countryside has famous wine regions like Tokaj, the beautiful lakes such as Lake Balaton. Hungary is famous for its horseman and you can visit places like Hortobagy where they still have the horse riding skills. The night life - restaurants with Gipsy bands and for the young generation the famous Kiraly Street.

Australian travellers are still to discover all these great advantages of this magical country.