Everything Travel

We are a boutique travel agency in the heart of Sydney. We specialise in bespoke travel arrangements. We have been in the business for many years and one of the big reasons for that is we keep our ears and eyes open, for new an amazing destinations, and to the needs of our clients. We are also on deck when you are away to help resolve and respond to anything unexpected that turns up.

The Corporate/Business Traveler

The nature of travel and accommodation for the corporate traveller, is purpose driven. It is there to provide the framework to let the objectives of the journey to be accomplished working smoothly and comfortably. Business travellers need proximity to venues and transport, good communications infrastructure, and minimal stress. 

The Personal/Holiday Traveler

The leisure based traveller will have a number of different requirements, however it is often the travel, the destinations, and the attractions that are the key to a successful holiday. It is important as far as possible to know what the likely costs are of any incidentals that are not part of the core package.

Special Interest Group Travelling

Westminster Tours is the arm of our business dedicated to providing for the needs of Special Interest Tour Groups. We have facilitated a number of faith inspired tours (not simply pilgrimage but celebration and holiday). We are well placed to support tours for other interest groups. If your are looking for a tour focused around a special interest, talk to us, and we will see what we can do.